Luxury board

The name doesn't come from somewhere, but is our program. Because if you decide to take a break with us in Heiterwang, then we don't leave anything to chance.

That is why pampering begins in the morning with a view of the lake, in which the first rays of sun are reflected. If that is not a reason to fall into cozy bed happy and looking forward to the next day?

Have breakfast
like a king

Delicious, freshly prepared egg dishes, fragrant coffee, crisp bread and local sausage and cheese specialties tickle the palate. Indulge in fruits, juices, cereals and everything you need to be able to uproot trees.

with prospects

In the evening, when the sun disappears behind the mountain peaks, it gets romantic. At the nicely laid table, we serve the finest 4 courses from local waters or from a trusted butcher. Salad buffet, desserts for those with a sweet tooth, our hotel's own wine, courteous, smiling staff.