Moderne Sauna mit Liegeflächen, Holzvertäfelung und Blick auf den verschneiten Wald

There are many wellness hotels

Therefore we are not

For us, wellness has nothing to do with relaxation. Because we believe that relaxation begins in the head - not in the whirlpool. Recovery occurs when time passes more slowly.

When the hustle and bustle disappears and thoughts are free again. When we feel again and feel ourselves.

Our goal is your relaxation. The fascinating mixture of calm. Light. Warmth. Water. And the view of one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Austria.

Our world of vitality awaits you with various saunas, a relaxation area with a 20-meter-long, fully glazed front that expands relaxation horizons and a range of professional physiotherapy and massage options.

Find your favorite tree in our sculpture garden. Linger in the shade and feel that a real vacation begins in us.

When calm returns - not permanent sensory overload. We focus on what matters: Moving. Relaxing!

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Visit our sauna area with a wonderful view of our lake. Our Finnish sauna is heated between 80 and 100 degrees.

The alternation of heat and ice cold showers relaxes your muscles and lowers your blood pressure, stimulates the metabolism and the immune system. You will find our bio sauna next door.

The temperatures in the humid warm air bath are lower than in the Finnish sauna - as a rule, it is around 45 to 60 degrees with a humidity of around 55 percent.

Regain strength. Draw strength for the time until you come to us again.