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The Fischer am See exists only once

"We don't overwhelm you with impressions, so it’s the essentials that impress!" Leave the stress of everyday life behind you. Enjoy the silence around you and get to know a new quality of life. Do you sometimes long for the times when life was not as complex as it is today? For moments when there is time to take a deep breath. In which silence determines body and soul and gives you new strength to recharge your batteries? For more than 90 years we, the Bunte family, have been living hospitality - making every stay at Fischer am See a very personal experience.

Our philosophy of "new simplicity" is the key to your relaxation. Simplicity, because a break in our hotel creates peace and quiet, sharpens the view and puts the focus back on your inner well-being - all this without sacrificing comfort.

We interpret high-quality ambience in clear lines, regional cuisine and timelessly good dishes in a modern way and prepare a wellness programme for body and soul with sauna, relaxation area and more. This is how the Fischer am See becomes an exclusive and very special hotel in Tyrol.

A place where you can recharge your batteries. A place where you can enjoy time and peace. And to which you will gladly return. Our experience is peace and quiet - what could be more valuable today?

Four stars in the hotel.
And billions in the sky.
is more that just a word.

Good things can be found on the doorstep. So why complicate things when enjoyment is so easy? We are grateful to have our hotel in such a wonderful place.

It goes without saying that we do everything to ensure that nature can continue to show its most beautiful sides. Wherever possible, we buy our food from regional suppliers, as such short transport routes guarantee absolute freshness and we protect the environment.

Our hotel is built energy-efficiently and creates moments of relaxation without requiring a lot of energy - without being an eco-hotel. The harmony with nature creates harmony with ourselves. You will taste it. You will feel it.

Rooms become open spaces
The clear line creates orientation and calm.

A room that relaxes as soon as you enter it. Authentic and high-quality materials such as natural wood create an ambience of sophisticated style - honest, refreshing and warm. And because everyone feels security differently, we have realised a special idea in our hotel:

There are two different types of rooms. If you decide on rooms from the "Clarity" category, you can expect modernly furnished rooms with glass, wood and large window areas.

Choose "nest warmth", enjoy authentic Tyrolean hospitality. High-quality and new, but in traditional alpine style. You want to know more? Have a look at our rooms under "my free space".

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About the Hotel Fischer am See

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