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Massage practice

in good hands

Visit the massage practice and put yourself in the best of hands. Literally.

For him & her

After a detailed consultation, Goza Mitric, our professionally highly qualified masseuse, will take care of you:

You can expect an individual therapeutic treatment to promote well-being, the immune system and also to alleviate certain diseases.

Let us advise you which treatment will bring your body and soul into harmony. Depending on the type of treatment, this short break lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Our treatment services

Effective decongestion treatment, generally strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, prevents allergies and water retention. Suitable after operations and after consulting a doctor.

Suitable for the prevention and treatment of muscle hardening, for the relief of rheumatic complaints, arthrosis, metabolic deposits, for pain relief, for digestive disorders, for stress relief

Pressure point massage of the corresponding points on the foot is intended to improve the blood circulation in individual organs, creating a feeling of pleasant relaxation and is an essential aspect of the healing effect.

beneficial effects of essential oils and fragrances from flowers, leaves, needles or roots, stimulating or relaxing.

mainly treats areas in the area of ​​the trunk, acts on possible changes in connective tissue and muscles, serves to relax the connective tissue and the skin.

Head, shoulder and back treatment against tension.

Mixture of classic massage, connective tissue massage and periosteal massage, very suitable for tension headaches and migraines

Prices & duration of all treatments
  • 30 minutes: 48,00 EUR
  • 45 minutes: 68,00 EUR
  • 60 minutes: 90,00 EUR
Moments to feel good

Treatments that strengthen you: Welcome to our massage paradise at Hotel Fischer am See.